Massage Therapy


 Ricky Garvin 

I wasn’t always in the bodyworker field.  After graduating college in 2005, I worked with an electrical engineering company that traveled all over the US.  I then served in the Navy for four years including time overseas as a jet engine mechanic.  My passion to learn more about how the body works and moves consumed me.  That's when I found the Port Townsend School of Massage.  I studied in the weekday program taking 650 hours of massage education.  PTSM taught me lots about massage and how the whole experience can change a person outcome from one session, up to a lifetime.  I’ve been in the working field with long, hard hours.  I understand what it takes to get a difficult job done.  Knowing what is required to do difficult tasks will help me understand your aches and pains.  (Massage does not have to be just bend and fluff.)

I am CrossFit Level 1 Certified and also a World Kettlebell Club Fitness Trainer.  I competed in Girevoy Sport, which is the sport of kettlebell lifting.  The dedication to my health is just a glimpse of what I can do for you.  I believe it's not just about training hard, it's about taking care of yourself as a whole.  Massage is an excellent way to become aware and put yourself back in your body.

I approach every Massage with a clinical mindset.  My Massage includes a good mixture of slow, deep tissue work integrated with Swedish massage and Myofascial Release Techniques.  I offer cupping therapy as well to help aid you and me.  Cupping is an ancient technique for detoxing and myofascial release.  Sports Massage for prior and post events can be offered as well for those athletes looking for better preparation and calming of the body.  How about that old injury from cycling or framing a house?  Tell me about it and we will go over a plan to help you get back to life's challenges.  Migraines or a sinus headache giving you grief?  Let me help with a non-intrusive 30-minute treatment that will bring relief.

Ricky Garvin LMP can be contacted via (360) 853-6884 


Lotus (360) 293-3461