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Babes and Barbells

This class is for moms and moms-to-be. Staying active during your pregnancy can make labor easier and recovery faster. We are highly focused on reconnecting your mind and body. We have a Physical Therapist on staff who teaches and approves our pelvic floor and diastasis recti corrective and strengthen program. All workouts are modified for every fitness level, injury, and baby mood swing that arise. 

Every class begins with a warm-up, then strength and ends with metabolic conditioning. Each class is programmed with the individual goals of the class in mind to achieve success. We constantly do various modalities with high intensity work. 

We are CrossFit Personalized.

Success = Consistency + Time 

Come! Join us, be encouraged, celebrated, motivated, and find accountability in friendships.
What are your goals? Let us help you achieve them. Are you pregnant and need your workouts modified with your special bun in the oven? Or do you want to be able to workout with your little one? 

This class alleviates you from having to find a babysitter so you can hit the gym. You won't have to miss out on those cherished interactions, you'll meet other moms, you'll get your sweat on while your little one is smiling and giggling.  


You can join this class at any time. You'll need to bring; 


Workout shoes

Workout clothes

Diaper Bag

Blanket for your baby to lie on

Baby Carrier 


This is a 3 times a week class. Meets Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 am
and Sunday at 9 am.

Want to try it out? Come in and get one week FREE.


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