Fundamentals Bootcamp

NEXT BOOTCAMP December 3, 6:30am/6:30pm 

        *Monthly Memberships are in the Daily WOD*

This is a start into the CrossFit World and gives you the foundations to allow you to succeed.

  Bootcamp is a fundamentals class. 
 This 3x/week, month long class is sure to kick start your fitness goals. Bootcamp at 6:30am or 6:30pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday, for the new/inexperienced CrossFiter. After the month of Bootcamp, you'll be ready to start our regular daily CrossFit WODs (Workout Of the Day).


During the first 2 weeks, we will teach you the fundamental movements in addition to getting a great work out. This will also allow us to individually tailor your training program and correct movement patterns. You'll learn the basics, the lingo, and the fundamental movements that are key to your long-term health and fitness success. For the rest of the month we will gradually bring you into a regular Daily WOD. If you are brand new, a senior, or have prior injuries our coaches are experienced in training all demographics safely. Bootcamp is for everyone!











This specialized course provides maximum attention to your individual needs.


Bootcamp is one month; $249 $149 + taxbring our business card in receive 20% off
What this includes is;
 BootCamp class 3x a week.
Custom CrossFit Anacortes fitness journal with lots of resources and journal pages to track your progress
T-shirt to wear and show off.
After BootCamp, you will love the results and be ready to start doing the Daily WODs. (Click on the link to see the schedule and pricing.)