Interested in getting in shape and trying out CrossFit? Our April beginner/intro CrossFit 101 class starts tomorrow, April 7th at 8am and 7:15 pm! Already a member? Tell your friends! Not only do you get to workout with your friends, you also get 50% off of your membership for a month each time a friend signs up!! 


CrossFit Kids on Tue/Thur at 4:30pm, so if you plan on attending the 3:30 WOD it’s really important to be on time and work efficiently so we have the floor cleared by 4:30. If you plan on coming to the 5:15 WOD, please wait outside until the 4:30 Kids class finishes.


1)    Deadlift 5 RM with goal of getting a 5 RM 5-10lbs. heavier than your previous 5 RM. Start around 60% of your goal 5 RM for the day, performing 5 reps per set, adding weight each set. These are DOUBLE OVERHAND GRIP. No mixed or hook grip in an effort to improve grip strength. If you then want to go for a max switch grip then go for it. But you have to max out your DOUBLE OVERHAND GRIP FIRST!

2)    3xME Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups. Palms face away from face. Scale to chin-over-bar strict pull up, negatives or barbell pull ups. No bands!          

* This strength program is easy to jump into if you’re new, or jump back into if you’ve been gone. Find your 5 RM for the lifts. Your next session, perform 3x5@ 90% of your 5 RM. The following sessions, try to get 3x5@:

-   5 lbs. heavier for BS and FS squats

-   2.5 lbs. heavier for strict and bench presses

-   For deadlift, simply work up to a 5 RM every session, with the goal being 5-10 lbs. heavier than your previous 5 RM


WOD: Angie

For time:
100 pull-ups
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats


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