Saturdays at 11am is our “Bring a Buddy, Buddy” class where members are invited to bring a friend to try their first CrossFit workout for FREE!


Please remember to take your personal items, such as clothing and water bottles, home with you after your workout. Items left will eventually be donated


1a) Power Cleans: 3x5@5 lbs. heavier than the previous week. Perform 2-4 warm up sets of 3-5 reps around 60% of what your working weight will be. REST 60-90 secs.

1b) 3xME Strict Chin Ups. Palms face toward your face. Scale to negatives or barbell chin ups. No bands! REST 60-90 secs.

* This strength program is easy to jump into if you’re new, or jump back into if you’ve been gone. Find your 5 RM for the lifts. Your next session, perform 3x5@ 90% of your 5 RM. The following sessions, try to get 3x5@

-   5 lbs. heavier for BS and FS squats

-   2.5 lbs. heavier for strict and bench presses

-   For deadlift, simply work up to a 5 RM every session, with the goal being 5-10 lbs. heavier than your previous 5 RM


For time:
Run 1,000 meters
30 handstand push-ups (scale:pushups, pike pushups, box hasp, banded hspu)
Row 1,000 meters


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